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Adam WhatsApp Apk 2022 

Adam WhatsApp Apk app enables users to customize the app according to their particular interests and needs. It has been developed by an Arab developer called Abu Arab. This application is used by many people in Rwanda, Libya, and Morocco. We get just under seven thousand searches per month for the app. A website exists for the app but there is no website for it.

How To Download  Install Adam Whatsapp Apk For Android

  • You need to uninstall WhatsApp’s official app
  • Apps should now be able to access untrusted resources
  • Download the new Adam WhatsApp app now
  • Installation of the apk file is required
  • Please complete all fields
  • Click here to register

Adam WhatsApp Apk

The Best Way To Update Adam WhatsApp Apk 

In case there is a problem with an older version of the app, you should uninstall it. The current version of the app must be downloaded. Any questions you may have regarding updating the app will be answered as soon as possible. The links on the website are updated when a new update is released.

The following is our answer to your question about the unique features of WhatsApp Adam in comparison with the other versions of WhatsApp plus:

Here Are All The Benefits of Adam WhatsApp Apk

  • A way to clean up garbage data Adam WhatsApp Apk
  • It is possible to delete any message sent at any time
  • The app displays the prayer times in your area
  • Islamic Messages and Hadiths
  • Messages can be scheduled for later sending if you have brown and black Adam 2 WhatsApp
  • Read more can be deactivated so that longer messages can be read
  • The option of tagging members of a group is available
  • A notification is sent when a user is tagged in a group
  • It is convenient that the Holy Quran is included in this app, so you can read it wherever you are.
  • Various color effects are available 
  • With different icons on every page, different sections of the app are quickly accessible
  • Auto-reply to emotional texts and suggestions
  • There are many arabic fonts available for formatting text
  • Increasing or decreasing the font size
  • It is possible to change the font color 
  • A red and purple version has been added
  • The ability to enable or disable transparent mode
  • Reducing eye fatigue can be accomplished by reducing the brightness or enabling night mode
  • Minimizing the app allows you to maximize other apps
  • It is possible to set different lock patterns for the home screen and separate conversation screens
  • Via the app, you can choose who can invite me to groups
  • It is the default color scheme to use black and brown
  • A third-party VPN proxy does not need to be installed. It is built into the software itself
  • Separate the conversation screen from the chat screen
  • Islam and its aspects
  • Privacy and security features
  • A fun way to use emojis in conversations
  • The multimedia in a gallery can be hidden
  • All the common WhatsApp features are available in the Adam WhatsApp app
  • Ads won’t appear on the app

Adam WhatsApp APK Plus’s Advantages

  • Keeping track of the official version’s updates is the developer’s responsibility.
  • It’s stable and doesn’t crash.
  • Installation problems should be resolved.
  • Whatsapp allows you to change the emoji style to be similar to the iPhone or Facebook emojis.
  • Supports multiple Arabic fonts.
  • Hiding the multimedia in the gallery is the best solution.
  • A section is devoted to the holy Quran.

Adam WhatsApp APK Plus’s  Disadvantages 

  • The app size is quite big compared to other versions of whatsapp plus,
  • and that is because the developer adds too many extra features that have made it larger than normal.
  • There is a section named “WhatsApp User Changes” that does not work.
  • The developers’ annoying pop-up messages.


  • The Apk can I install safely?

On your electronic devices, you can play erroneously without any concern.

  •  APK version newest? 

Our app offers the most advanced features. The version available here is the most advanced.

  • To install this app, do I need an email address or another method of identification?

An email or identification is not required for this  APK. Upon clicking the download button, your device will begin downloading the app immediately. That’s it!  


WhatsApp Adam Apk is a clone of WhatsApp Plus. As such, this version offers extra features as compared to the official WhatsApp. In addition, it offers anti-ban functionality. very amazing features

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