BT WhatsApp Apk 2022 Latest Official version for android

BT WhatsApp Apk 2022

Since Whatsapp Plus has gained popularity for the features it comes with which aren’t available in the original Whatsapp, such as hiding the online status and saving your friends’ status, in this article we will discuss how to download BTWhatsApp and what the latest updates to BT WhatsApp Apk are. Enjoy the features of BTWhatsApp by downloading it from this article. GBWhatsApp has been very popular in recent months due to the unique features that aren’t available in the original WhatsApp version, such as hiding the online status

ADWhatsApp Apk

BT WhatsApp Apk .

What is BT WhatsApp Apk?

Users can easily hide their online status using BT WhatsApp, and change the theme of the app as well. In addition, there are two copies of BTWhatsApp available. It works in conjunction with the official WhatsApp client.

Download &Install BT WhatsApp Apk?

It is possible to download and install the BT WhatsApp APK file here.

  • WhatsApp should be removed from your phone
  • There should be permissions for almost everything
  • Apps from Unknown Sources can be installed by setting the permission
  • Click here to download the updated Apk
  • It is necessary to install the apk file
  • All paperwork needs to be completed
  • Everything is ready to use

BT Whatsapp Apk features

  • The online contact list features a green circle The online contact list features a green circle
  • We have introduced a new status tab design
  • Make sure that automatic downloads do not take place
  • A group call of up to eight people is possible
  • You can now send a message to 1000 people at once
  • You can now customize floating buttons

The plane mode

If you are surfing the Internet while in airplane mode, you won’t receive incoming calls or messages. BT Whatsapp notifications will still be delivered, but other apps will be blocked. It is not yet available in other versions.

Hiding media from gallery

You can hide files, pictures, videos, and gifs in the gallery. There was a similar feature in the original version.

Messages to unsaved numbers

BTWhatsapp allows the texting of unsaved numbers. The process involves simply entering your number and message.

Chats from the archives

By using the main interface, Archived chats can be saved and retrieved.

Hiding media in gallery

Original WhatsApp downloads all media or prevents all media from being downloaded, but BTWhatsApp lets you select the media you want to download….

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