We know and follow the security precautions suggested by Digital Millennium Copyright Act, simply known as DMCA. If you know something and want to report a copyright violation report, then send us in written form a report with all these points included; 

A signature of the respective person authorized to act for the owner who is allegedly infringed. Something potential that identifies the work claiming to get violated for copyright issue. 

Identification of that certain material that claims to get infringed. Or the item of that infringing activity needs to get removed or any information that is sufficient enough to allow the servicer to easily locate that item. The best way you can go for is by providing URLs in an email to easily locate the content. Information is enough to allow the servicer to contact the complaining party like a number, address, or another such thing. 

A statement mentioning that the info is accurate and under the penalty, the complaining party is authorized to act for the owner. To get your request process, you need to send such kind of written notice to our agent. You can email us at apkglide@gmail.com at any time!