OGWhatsapp Pro Apk Latest Version Download [Official] 2022

OGWhatsapp Pro Apk 2022

WhatsApp mod that offers free, simple, and minimalist messaging services, but does not compromise users’ safety or functionality. A wide range of options are now available to users who seek a more private experience, thanks to the creation of new apps every day. Every day, developers launch new applications and feature updates. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, OGWhatsapp pro Apk for iOS boasts more impressive features than its original counterpart. With the updated version of Whatsapp, you get more advanced features. Many people use it around the world. It does not offer any privacy. Easily share information such as your status and last seen with your friends on Facebook. Due to this, many developers create modified versions of Whatsapp to solve the problem…

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OGWhatsapp Pro Apk

OGWhatsapp Pro Apk For IOS And Android

It is possible to download both the iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp for OG. For more information, go to our website. Downloading this app is entirely safe. It will do no harm to your device. The free messaging service is one of the most customizable services available.
Dark themes or light themes are available via this app, and you can store other profiles directly on your smartphone.

Features of OGWhatsapp Pro APk

Securing your network

Security is a crucial feature for everyone. Whatsapp’s original version lacks the best security. This update enhances security for the app. There are different security systems, including patterns, PINs, and fingerprints. With the system, patterns can be made invisible or visible.


Your Whatsapp account may be banned if you use other mods. On the other hand, OG Whatsapp keeps you safe and protected. Because of the anti-ban features in the modified version, spy accounts won’t be detected. A person with only one mobile number can easily take advantage of this function. In addition, the account will remain secured.

Download the status here

A user’s status cannot be downloaded in the original version. Taking screenshots or using third-party apps is necessary.
This app allows you to easily download your favorite status updates. On top of that, you can save the profile pictures directly to your smartphone. No one will know you did this.

There are several themes here

Unless you download OG Whatsapp now, you’ll never be able to use the same Whatsapp theme again. OG Whatsapp features thousands of themes to choose from. It will no longer serve the same purpose. Also, you can change the icon size, the fonts, and even the style.

A message that cannot be deleted

Its most appealing feature is that messages do not get deleted. Because of its features, it is downloaded millions of times every day. It does not allow deleted messages to be retrieved in the original. If you want to restore them, use Revoke Deleted Messages. Using this feature, you can save deleted messages in the app to retrieve them whenever needed. Discarded messages will disappear from the app, however. Users can still view deleted stories and statuses, however. The stories will be deleted after 24 hours, so please be aware of that.

Additionally, we should list the following features

The messages of contacts and groups can easily be revoked.
It ios possible to record long voice messages without touching the voice icons if you enable locked recordings.
If you enable locked voice recording, you can record long voice messages without touching any voice icon.
Automating your processes can help you avoid busy periods. In addition, you can disable the auto-reply module to not reply to groups and contacts.
The size of a photo can now be up to 6MB.
You can copy the status of any writing activity to the clipboard in this version.
The DND setting disables Internet access for OGWhatsApp.
It’s possible to schedule WhatsApp messages by using the Message Scheduler feature.
Schedule WhatsApp messages with the Message Scheduler feature.ng.
Multilingualism refers to the ability to support multiple languages.

Download install OGWhatsapp Pro Apk 

  • You can download the application from our website using the browser.
  • When the application is downloaded, it cannot be installed. To install it, you need to trust it in the settings.
  • Select Settings from your phone’s menu. Scroll down to Device Management then select Profiles. You will be
  • prompted to trust the profile you found.
  • This free app can be downloaded right now and used right away.


What is the procedure to install OGWhatsapp?
Afterward, navigate to the Downloads folder or wherever you purchased the file. Open the OGWhatsApp APK file from the downloads folder. Installing it will happen shortly. Then you can open it to find out what it can do.
Is there anything I need to do to update OGWhatsapp?
Since this application is not official, you cannot download updates from the Google Play Store. For updates, you can check here regularly. Simply download and install the new APK file. Your device will be automatically updated.


It is now possible to download OG Whatsapp on your iPhone. It has a number of features that make it one of the best tools available. There are many different websites where you can download modded WhatsApp applications. Don’t install them until you scan them.

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