ShareMe For PC Download 2022 Latest Version (Windows, Mac)

Easily download ShareMe for pc, mac, or Windows 7/8/10 laptop or computer. Due to the lack of an official Windows or Mac version of ShareMe, we have to use an android emulator to use the app on a PC. Xiaomi Inc developed and launched ShareMe (formerly MI Drop) in November 2017 for users of the MI mobile platform.

Over 11 million users have rated this app 4.5 on the Google Play Store and it has been downloaded more than 500 million times. The ShareMe app allows you to transfer files from one phone to another, including images, videos, and apps. Before, this app was specifically designed for users of MI phones, but it is now the most popular file transfer application for Android users.

ShareMe For PC 2022 Overview

App Name ShareMe For PC
Version Latest
App size 24 MB
Operating System Windows
Rating 4.5
RatingCount 383992
Cost Free
Last updated Today

Screenshot Of ShareMe For PC

Using the ShareMe app on an emulator you must also know a few other things to transfer files from one computer to another. Now you can use this app in 7 different languages including English, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Ti*ng, and Ukrainian.

We will cover some best features and frequently asked questions about the ShareMe PC app later in this article, so be sure to check those out as well.

No matter how large the file is, you do not need an internet connection to transfer it. You don’t need to use mobile data to transfer files using the ShareMe app because it works with local WiFi and HotSpot connections.

The installation of ShareMe on a computer is easy, you just have to follow the steps. For more information, check out the other method once it is installed.

Now let’s get started with the step-by-step process for installing this app on our Mac or Windows computer.

How To Install ShareMe on PC

As there is no official version on Windows or Mac, we need to use an android emulator to install the file transfer app on our PC.

Follow the steps to install ShareMe on your Windows computer.

  • To begin with, we need an android emulator. You can choose any android emulator, but I chose bluestacks.
  • Install the emulator on your computer from the official website and sign in with your Google account.
  • Select the official ShareMe app from the play store app and then open it on your PC.
  • After clicking the install button, the file transfer app will be installed on your emulator automatically.
  • On your desktop, you will see the ShareMe icon. Click on it to launch the app.
  • If you are using a different version of the app, the screen might not look like the screenshot below.

The ShareMe app allows you to transfer any files between your computer and another computer, or between your computer and your mobile device.

To learn more about how to use ShareMe, check out the app’s guide.

App FAQs

I have included some frequently asked questions which may help you download ShareMe or use it on your computer.

How does ShareMe work?

For Android users, ShareMe is among the best available file-sharing apps. Any file can be shared between two devices without the need for an internet connection.

Does ShareMe have a PC version?

The app is not available as an official version for the PC, but an android emulator can be used to run it.

What’s the process for connecting to ShareMe?

Click on the send or receive button and connect to the device from which you want to transfer the file.

Can I install ShareMe on my PC?

In order to install this app, you must first install an android emulator on your computer.

Do you think ShareMe is safe?

The app has over 500 million users around the world, so yes it is safe and you can use it on any device.

If you have any questions about this file transfer app, please leave a comment.

How To Download ShareMe For PC Windows (2nd Method)

It is possible that you receive an error while downloading ShareMe from the play store. Here, we’re going to use the apk file for this file transfer app and install it on the emulator.
  • All other steps must be completed after downloading, installing, and opening the android emulator.
  • The Google sign-in process can be skipped here since we are going to install the ShareMe app using the apk file.
  • The next step is to download an apk file and drag it onto the android emulator to initiate installation.
  • ShareMe will be installed on our PC as we install it on our Android devices.
  • You can use it on your computer as we discussed in the previous method once it is installed.

The app can now be used on a computer to transfer files from one device to another without the need to connect to the Internet.

Features of ShareMe PC App 

Check out the below features to get more information about this file transfer app before downloading and using it.

  • Files can be transferred from one device to another without the need for an internet connection.
  • File types that can be transferred with ShareMe include Images, Music, Video, APK, ZIP, and more.
  • The ShareMe PC app can transfer files to Android devices without a cable connection.
  • The app is compatible with all Android devices as well as the MI phone, where it comes pre-installed.
  • Because ShareMe app is ad-free, it is the best file transfer app available.
  • If your connection breaks during file transfer, you don’t have to start from scratch, you can easily resume it.

With these features, you can see how this app is different from other file transferring apps.


The purpose of this article was to show you how to download and use ShareMe For PC to transfer files between your Windows and Mac devices. ShareMe is a great way to share files between devices. It is easy to use and can be helpful in a variety of situations. Whether you are traveling and need to share a file with a friend or colleague, or are just looking for an easy way to transfer files between your computer and phone, ShareMe is the app for you. So download it today and start sharing!

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