TM WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Free (Official) 2022

  TM WhatsApp Apk 2022

The TM WhatsApp application is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers more features than the original version on your phone. TM WhatsApp apk  was developed by Titus Mukisa, whose name is the initials of the app. This page will provide you with a link to download the latest TM WhatsApp version so you can experience just how wonderful it can be.

TM WhatsApp Apk

       Features Overview of TM WhatsApp Apk

  • Even after hours or days, the program can delete/recall messages sent by error. I love this TM WhatsApp feature because it allows you to recall messages from groups and private chats.
  • (Last Seen) frozen/paused/faked. If you don’t want any of your friends to know you are online, you can easily fake your last seen status.
  • Extended expiration date. Mods for WhatsApp have an extended expiry date for credits to the app’s developer, unlike other mods.
  • WhatsApp will go into SLEEP mode if you disable the internet. WhatsApp messages can’t be received while your data is on if you’re in sleep mode. While you are on the Internet, you can use this feature to do other things without WhatsApp distracting you.
  • A feature to prevent messages from being deleted from your side. The feature can be used if you wish people not to recall messages from your side.
  • (Using a pattern) Hiding custom chats. You can conceal those chats that are important to you from others.
  • Statistical information about groups. The feature indicates how many messages a participant in a group has sent.
  • On the main screen, you will see pop-ups showing who is online and who was last seen. With this feature, you will always know when your friends are online or last seen.
  • You can change the bubble and tick styles using the theme server (to download and apply themes). A number of customized themes can be downloaded for the TM WhatsApp app.
  • Rather than 16MBs on WhatsApp, send audio files of 100MBs. TM WhatsApp does not support sending audio files over 16MB, which is true for WhatsApp normal.
  • The video size on WhatsApp should be changed from 20MB to 50MB. Also, this WhatsApp Mod allows videos over 50MBs to be sent.
  • Don’t send 30 documents at a time, but 100. If you want to send large documents  on WhatsApp, you should try TM WhatsApp.
  • As opposed to sending ten images at a time on normal WhatsApp, send 100 images simultaneously. It is now easy to send bulky images 100+ with this WhatsApp Mod as opposed to the standard 10 images
  • In normal WhatsApp, video status can be set for seven minutes instead of 30 seconds above.  The 10-minute status will be viewed by only those with TM WhatsApp, however
  • Schedule messages to be sent later (No more waking up in the middle of the night to wish a friend a happy birthday). When you were unable to wish your loved ones on their special occasions, you could have easily scheduled that message months earlier with TM WhatsApp.
  • Instead of the standard 140 characters in WhatsApp, you can add up to 250 characters to your status. This feature lets you change the text on your status for free.
  • Send out text broadcasts to groups. The feature allows you to send a large number of text broadcasts to WhatsApp groups.
  • You should distinguish between regular messages and broadcast messages
  • You can copy a friend’s status. Your friends’ status videos and images can be copied straight to your phone without obtaining permission.
  • It is possible to change the notifications icon and the app icon. WhatsApp can be customized with your preferred color or image.
  • As it runs alongside any other WhatsApp installed on your computer, you don’t need to uninstall other WhatsApps.
  • You’ll also find numerous other features. Just play around with it and discover them for yourself.

TM WhatsApp Vs Normal WhatsApp

In contrast to normal WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp Mod lets you do many things that WhatsApp Green doesn’t. This section discusses some crucial TM WhatsApp features that beat out the regular version of WhatsApp.

Change your WhatsApp theme

It is much easier to change the TM WhatsApp background theme than normal WhatsApp. Maybe you’re one of those people who has always wished for a dark or coffee brown color, so it’s time to shine with this WhatsApp Mod. To learn how to change the theme color of WhatsApp, see my article How to change WhatsApp Theme color.

Status Views on WhatsApp

It is possible to post a 7 minute WhatsApp status in TM WhatsApp, which might not be possible in normal WhatsApp. This 10-minute status is only visible to TM WhatsApp users.

Video & Photo Status Download

With TM WhatsApp, you can easily download the status videos and photos that your friends post on WhatsApp without first asking for their permission. Check out this tutorial to learn how to download WhatsApp status videos & photos.

You can delete sent WhatsApp messages

By contrast, with TM WhatsApp, you can recall any sent WhatsApp message in groups or private chats for both parties.

No version of WhatsApp’s regular app has this Recall Message Feature. To access this amazing feature, you need TM WhatsApp.

Icon for App

In addition, you can change your WhatsApp icon to anything you want such as blue, black, or red, something that’s not possible with normal WhatsApp.

Set up a WhatsApp schedule

When you have trouble remembering important dates or deadlines, you can schedule messages to wish your loved one a happy birthday or any other important notifications you would like to send, but could easily forget.

Using two WhatsApp accounts at once.

As opposed to normal WhatsApp, with TM WhatsApp you can run both apps simultaneously. This will enable you to easily switch between your favourite features.

TM WhatsApp offers a lot of features that are different from the normal Green WhatsApp. Check out the following list for a full list of TM WhatsApp features.

WhatsApp Mods vs. TM WhatsApp Apk apk

In terms of usage, there is little difference between TM WhatsApp and other WhatsApp Mods, like GB WhatsApp.

Today, we will examine TM WhatsApp features compared to popular mods like GB WhatsApp.


Data and bandwidth are consumed by ads in apps. This mod is ad-free, which means you can save over 45% on your mobile data bundles (MBS) when you use it.

A Smooth and Fast Process

TM WhatsApp is very fast in comparison to other WhatsApp Mods. Codes have been re-written, making the program much smoother and faster.

Expiration date extended

While other mods require updates every few weeks, TM WhatsApp takes the longest to expire.

Additionally, the app receives frequent updates from the developer, so you can always download the most recent version here.

Secure 100%:

The security and privacy of other WhatsApp Mods is significantly compromised. All hidden codes have been removed from the TM Whatsapp app, so users no longer have to worry about their privacy when using the application.

Premium Apps

TM WhatsApp has got direct download links to over 300 fully paid premium android apps ready for download at no cost at all.

Group: TMWhatsApp

TM WhatsApp members can also join a forum within the app. Get in touch with the developers and other TM WhatsApp users globally. Ask questions and share your views.

How to Update Manually

Users have full control over updates with automatic updates permanently disabled.Users have full control over updates with automatic updates permanently disabled. Updates of the app are only performed at the user’s request and when there is enough data bundle.

Totally free

Others claim to be free, but they have links that redirect you to sites that require a cash donation to the developer. You can’t do that with TM WhatsApp, it’s free.


As many other mods may experience difficulties running on the latest versions of Android, TM WhatsApp runs smoothly and crashes as little as possible. great this


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