WAPWhatsApp APK Download 2022 Latest Version Free

WAPWhatsApp APK Download 2022 Latest Version Free

In our opinion, WAPWhatsApp Apk is one of the most interesting mods, primarily because its development wasn’t dependent on the stable version, like most other mods, but rather on the adaptations that were made available in North America. The WAPWhatsApp Apk takes advantage of functionality that isn’t implemented. Unlike most reviews, its development is not shaped by a fixed version, but rather by a North American review. Secure and user-friendly, this app is a great choice for your needs. Moreover, WhatsApp can be used to share media, files, PDFs, and videos. The app also allows free voice and video calls.



The WAPWhatsApp Apk

As a mod, WAPWhatsApp is one of the most intriguing since its development does not depend on the stable version, as most others do, but on the public adaptations released by the North American organization. Therefore, it takes advantage of specific functions that never do get implemented

Features Of WAPWhatsApp Apk

  • A keyboard with emojis
  • You can use group messaging for this.
  • You can change the length and size of a conversation.
  • Also You will not see any brands or advertisements.
  • Sharing of pictures and videos is not restricted.
  • They store data and time when copying emails in addition to the advanced privacy features.
  • Among the privacy options you can manage with WAPWhatsApp Apk are hiding the time and date when you copy messages.

Revocation Notice

You can see deleted messages in Whatsapp with this mod. Anti-Revoke Messages enables you to read and respond to deleted messages from every Whatsapp user.

Status Downloader

Through the Whatsapp mod apk, you can download the statuses of your Whatsapp contacts into the gallery of your phone in one click. You do not require any third-party apps to download Facebook statuses at the moment.

Mode DND

The WapWhatsapp mod apk has a flight mode/no disturb mode as one of its features. Using it you can close Whatsapp. You won’t be able to send or receive Whatsapp messages after enabling DND. This means you won’t receive or send messages. In this case, you can disable Whatsapp only if you’re working online

Unique interfaces and customizations

Tired of Whatsapp’s boring interface? If you are bored, you should download WAPWhatsapp since it is a beautiful and unique alternative to the official Whatsapp. Custom themes, logos, fonts, styles, bubbles, blue ticks, and much more are included in this Whatsapp mod.

Where can I download WAPWhatsApp Apk?

  • WapWhatsapp apk can be downloaded from the above download button
  • Get rid of the old version
  • Be sure to enable unknown resources
  • You can download the apk here
  • Take a moment to wait
  • You will be amazed at the features it offers.


WAPWhatsapp has many more features than the official Whatsapp app. Official Whatsapp does not have everything WAPWhatsapp has. Whatsapp on WAP is completely safe and secure. You can download statuses, look at deleted statuses, and read deleted messages using this application.

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