Whatsapp Prime Apk Download Latest For Android 2022

Whatsapp Prime Apk 2022

Whatsapp Prime apk is CoolDroid’s customization of official WhatsApp. It is a modification to the official WhatsApp app. Users will never go back to the official app after using the exclusive app. This app offers hundreds of cool features that make it stand out from the competition. Below we will provide a complete procedure for installing and downloading Prime WhatsApp. At the moment only the Prime version of WhatsApp can be used for video calls. We want to know more about the app now. Even though WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app, it always needs more functions and customization options. Users of mod versions of the application do so solely to get new features. The app is a good solution for people who are fed up with the default and modded versions. This app offers a unique experience when chatting and using it. It has a number of feature options that allow for customization, making it unique. 

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Features of Whatsapp Prime Apk

UI improvements:

As a result of WhatsApp Prime, the application’s performance and user interface have been greatly enhanced. Now, sharing videos, photos, and chatting with friends feels just like before. Mostly, it affects how the interface looks and performs.

Improved privacy features

In The privacy settings are improved in WhatsApp Prime mod. There is no need for users to worry about their private messages being seen by others. The modified version of WhatsApp includes features from the original WhatsApp application, such as reading notifications, the ability to remove the profile picture and hide the above information, the option to select which contacts to share status with, and so on.

Status of a copy

It A status can be duplicated on your status bar if you decide you like it.

Stay out of trouble

Since the App is governed by rules and regulations, you will never be banned from the original App.

Discontinue mode:

By using Whatsapp Prime mod APK, you can reduce your chances of being banned from WhatsApp. The improved system of anti-bans will be more powerful due to the improvements.

Files that are heavy to share:

Sharing files of up to 1GB size is possible with WhatsApp Prime. High-quality pictures and videos can also be shared. Moreover, more photos can be sent at once. By doing this, you can send photos more quickly.

File size maximum:

In addition to images and videos, you can also transfer documents and other files simultaneously.

No need to download videos

Media does not need to be downloaded; it can just be viewed online.

Customization options:

You can customize themes, stickers, group members, statuses, and share files of different sizes with the app. The application will automatically give you access to these features once you have downloaded it. You can manage all these features efficiently with it, as it has all the features you need.

Limit on video sending

Sending 70 MB videos is now possible.

Exceptional images

You will receive photos of the same quality as you originally uploaded, both in resolution and file size.

Expanded character limit

There are more characters now, so you can re-express your character in a more expressive way.

Answer option not available

It is possible to stop your contacts from contacting you. Due to this feature, you will have to send messages to them, but they may not reply back to you. The conversation is almost guaranteed to be one-sided.

Disable the calling option:

A user is currently unable to start a chat when accidentally pressing the call button. Now, you can enable the call button whenever you like.

install and Download Whatsapp Prime Apk?

  • Installation is similar to that of whatsapp
  • Ensure that your WhatsApp data is backed up before uninstalling the original app.
  • Then, you download the APK file using a web browser from a third-party website.
  • Activate “Unknown source” in your settings

Update your Version

What if I told you there is a custom account for Whatsapp that is way better than the default account? Whatsapp Transparent is now available for all Whatsapp users in a customized version. 

There are lots of new functions and improvements in the new version of the app over the original. In order to keep up with future updates of Transparent Prime APK, simply bookmark this post. We use the most sophisticated technology when we make WhatsApp Transparent. We do this to ensure you have a positive experience with a WhatsApp mod.


The premium version of WhatsApp boasts a lot of features and is a lot more reliable in performance as opposed to any other version of WhatsApp available on the internet currently. Video and image sharing, chatting with friends has become a smooth experience. Fresh looks and performance mostly improve the user interface. WhatsApp can benefit from this mod greatly.

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